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Flooring Services in Phoenix

Flooring installation and floor refinishing are tasks best left to professional remodeling service providers. There are many problems that arise during attempted DIY flooring jobs that are not anticipated. Power House Remodeling has helped homeowners with flooring installation and floor repairs for more than 23 years, and has helped countless homeowners with their flooring work gone wrong. The biggest issue we see is with people trying to navigate uneven floors and make the final wood floor project smooth. We can assist with that as well as your other flooring issues.

All Types of Floor Replacement and Installation Offered

When your wood floors have been sanded to the max and it's time for replacement, call the flooring specialists at Power House Remodeling. Our floor replacement team will tear out your old flooring completely, repair and level the floor substrate, and lay new flooring on time and at a fair price. Power House Remodeling takes the time to ensure proper preparation for the best results. Providing functional, attractive floor covering that will last for years to come is our specialty.

The types of flooring Power House Remodeling can install include:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • and more!

Carpet Installation

For comfort in flooring, nothing beats the soft, plush warmth that carpeting offers. Carpeting is the number one choice of flooring for bedrooms and living rooms in local homes. Carpet helps to absorb sounds and reduce echos as well. When you are looking for quality carpeting installation at a fair price, call the flooring pros at Power House Remodeling. We offer a full range of options and pricing to meet your budget and your whims. Call Power House Remodeling for a free quote.

Tile Floor Installation

Bathrooms and kitchens are the prime locations for tile installations. Most durable in wet environments, tile floors will hold up for decades! The most important parts of tile flooring installation are creating a level floor and getting the grout right. If grout is improperly laid, it will crack and flake, diminishing the attractiveness of your tiles. For best results, call the tile installation experts at Power House Remodeling. 

Experienced Wood Floor Contractor

During the years, the installation crew has tackled big and small jobs, from installation to refinishing. Power House Remodeling can install a variety of materials and brands in your home. Wood floors can be installed over all types of flooring substrates including floor joists and concrete. Power House Remodeling also refinishes hardwood floors, from start to finish, with beautiful results. Gleaming refinished hardwood floors start with a phone call to (480) 470-6059 for a free quote.

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